Podcast: The Gluten-Osteoporosis Connection

A clipboard sketch of bones

Did you know that up to 75% of newly diagnosed celiacs may have osteoporosis or osteopenia (even early onset)? There is clearly a strong connection between the two diseases, and unfortunately many celiacs are not informed about their risk for osteoporosis or educated about bone density screenings at time of diagnosis.

This is why I was so pleased to recently be a guest on the podcast, “Happy Bones, Happy Life” hosted by Margie Bissinger, MS, PT, CHC. We discussed the osteoporosis-gluten connection and so much more. Our talk breaks down into the following topics; feel free to listen in full or skip ahead!

  • [01:50] My celiac disease story
  • [04:24] Overlooked symptoms of gluten disorders
  • [07:54] The relationship between celiac and bone density/osteoporosis
  • [11:11] How to get tested for gluten-related disorders
  • [20:07] The surprising benefits of going gluten-free
  • [29:33] The social and emotional aspects of eliminating gluten
  • [36:35] Some favorite cooking & baking tweaks

At the end of the episode, Margie and I briefly touch on the topic of happiness. The most ubiquitous roadblock to gut healing and health that I see is stress…and the best antidote to stress is joy! To help others find more happiness in their lives, Margie is offering her FREE 7-Day Happiness Habits journal that can:

  • Supercharge your positive energy
  • Clear away your negative thoughts
  • Help your happiness soar

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