Your partner for celiac, gluten-sensitivity, & all the gut issues along the way.

Hey there! I'm Maya.

A nutritionist, celiac, and lover of absurd humor & corgis.

I help women take the stress out of going gluten-free, heal from digestive issues, and live more nourishing lives.

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Are you new to gluten-free and feeling lost?

It’s because you weren’t given a map!

We weren’t born knowing this stuff, yet many are just told to go gluten-free and sent on their way. Instead, people need support around:

    • Finding food that is actually safe
    • Avoiding gluten cross-contact
    • Maintaining a social life and navigating group eating occasions
    • Eating out without getting glutened
    • Gut healing
    • Enjoying food again!

Learn how to stop the struggle and go gluten-free fearlessly HERE.

“Maya was very caring, listened to my concerns, and answered any questions I had. There was no judgment and I felt comfortable asking her anything.”

-Alyssa A., client

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Have you been gluten-free awhile but are still experiencing digestive issues?

There are many reasons why gut problems can persist even after eliminating gluten. That said, I know how frustrating it can be!

If it’s been 6-12 months of being solidly gluten-free, and if we can confidently rule out gluten cross-contact, then we have to dive deeper to look at what’s driving your symptoms.

I use a holistic + evidence-based approach to get you meaingful relief. Learn more HERE to see how I help women find CLEAR answers to their digestive issues.