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Were you told you have celiac or gluten-sensitivity, instructed to follow a gluten-free diet, and sent on your way?

As a nutritionist and fellow celiac, I can confidently say that you deserve more.

My name is Maya, and I help women take the stress out of going gluten-free, heal from digestive issues, and live more nourishing lives.

My clients learn how to…

  • overcome the gluten-free confusion
  • find safe foods and avoid cross-contact
  • navigate a new social and emotional landscape around food
  • implement ways to protect the gut
  • eat beyond gluten-free in a way that encourages total digestive wellness.

Your doctor gave you the diagnosis and the treatment (a GF diet), but quality of life comes from learning HOW to eat, work, live, & play with this condition!

Are you ready to go from confusion
and overwhelm to clarity and confidence?


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