Nutrient-Dense Burger Buns

There are soo many options for GF burger buns (and for the patty itself, even if you are 100% plant-based). Of course, there’s the lettuce wrap route, which can be crunchy and refreshing but tbh doesn’t always hit the spot. If you want something with more “oomph,” I’d highly recommend grilled/roasted Portobello mushrooms and butternut squash rounds.

Not only do they ADD to overall flavor (mushrooms are an incredible carrier of umami flavor!), but they also add valuable nutrients that don’t usually live in your typical store-bought GF bun. Burger buns made from GF flour blends usually contain a host of other additives, sometime other allergens, and aren’t going to do you any favors for your gut or overall health… That being said, if you are really feeling the need for a bread-y burger bun that is a close substitute for your old regular ones, YOU DO YOU.

But if you want to level up and get a substantial dose of beta-carotene, lutein, and zeaxanthin to support your eye health, try out some butternut squash rounds (or sweet potato!).

Or if you want to power up your immune system, get you some beta-glucans in mushrooms like portobellos.

What’s your go-to GF burger bun?

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