Let’s talk lunch.

I’ve heard from many that working from home actually makes lunch planning more challenging when there isn’t a defined lunch hour and moment to have a meal. Some days, lunch turns out to be packaged odds and ends we graze on throughout the day. Some days, that’s the best we can do.

But with some planning, we can better our chances of having lunches that are both easy to put together and sustaining for our WFH days.

Some like to prep lunches on Sunday night and portion them out in Tupperware, and this works great. Personally, I like a lot of variety so I prefer to make large bowls/trays of various veggies, proteins, and grains/beans to mix n’ match and make bowls. The bowl pictured here is

  1. Chipotle turkey and black beans
  2. Roasted butternut squash
  3. Cilantro-lime cabbage slaw
  4. Guacamole

And the only thing I made today was the guacamole! I prepared everything else on Sunday night and still have more leftover in the fridge.

It doesn’t have to be fancy; the key here to nutrient-dense lunches is just a bit of planning!

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