3 Reasons to Love Ghee

Ghee, sometimes called clarified butter, is made by a heating process that removes the milk solids and water, concentrating the fat. There are so many reasons why I love ghee and always have it as a cooking fat in my pantry, but these are my top three:

Great for High Heat Cooking

Ghee is a very stable fat that can be heated up to 485 degrees F (higher than butter, olive oil, and coconut oil). Smoke point refers to the maximum temperature a fat can be heated to before it starts to smoke and break down. This break down is a sign that the oil is creating free radicals, which can cause cellular damage. Therefore, it’s best to use fats with higher smoke points, like ghee, for higher temperature cooking.

Little to No Lactose and Milk Proteins

The ghee-making process removes lactose and milk proteins like casein, meaning most people with lactose intolerance or casein sensitivity can tolerate it well! The reason I say there are “little to none” of these left is because trace amounts may still remain after the straining process, though typically not enough to trigger those mentioned. However, ghee is not safe if you have a dairy ALLERGY!

Rich, Buttery, Taste

You know the smell of buttered movie popcorn? That’s a similar smell and flavor you get with ghee, but minus the artificial aftertaste and with more depth, richness, and nuttiness.

Do you use ghee?

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