A note on January dieting

It happens every new year in the health and wellness space… the words “get healthy” are co-opted to mean extreme restriction and ways to “make up” for the holidays. It can be difficult not to get pulled in. Let’s take a look:


The best way you can “cleanse” your body isn’t by drinking juice for 10 days; it’s by making sure it’s functioning properly on the day-to-day, which includes regular bowel movements, sweating, and a movement routine that works for you.

1000 calorie/day diets

At best, these aren’t sustainable. At worst, they can lead to a crashing metabolism, cortisol imbalances, nutrient deficiencies, and a negative relationship with food.

One-size-fits-all “miracle” diets

Yes, there are principles within many diets that are positive, such as eating whole, unprocessed foods. But is vegan/paleo/keto/GAPS/etc. right for EVERYONE? No. Even within my clientele who are united in their need to be gluten-free, it is still incredibly important to individualize diet. No one diet fits all!

Guilt about holiday eating

Guilt, shame, and self-punishment are not a place from which to create a fulfilling diet and lifestyle plan, and it’s truly unfortunate that these emotions are capitalized on this time of year.

What DOES work?

Finding a diet and lifestyle that are sustainable and personalized to YOU and your needs. It can be hard to stay grounded when dieting talk starts to swirl under the guise of “health”. So this January, stay strong, my friends!

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